The Thailand House Wiring Page

Or, how to avoid frying yourself and your loved ones!

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What is this site all about?

Considerable discussion has been occurring on various Thailand oriented forums regarding the safety (or otherwise) of Thai electrical installations.

This page contains guidelines for the 'Average Joe' to check his current domestic wiring is safe, how to make it safe if it is not, and, (for new builds) how to ensure that your Thai electrician installs a system that will provide the service you require with the safety that 'Westerners' demand.


Please note that these pages currently refer to Domestic Single-phase installations. Discussion of 3-phase and light industrial electrics may be added later if there is sufficient demand.


The standard get-out clause.

Please note that the comments on these pages are GUIDELINES ONLY based on various national and international electrical standards. All information is believed to comply with current Thai regulations (such as they are). No warranty is implied or inferred as to the accuracy of information contained within.

The authors of this page cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or other event occurring after the advice on these pages is followed.

This site is not affiliated with ThaiVisa or any other web forum.

PLEASE be aware that any electrical installation has the potential to KILL. If you are unsure what you are doing refer to a qualified electrician.

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May 26 2551 -- Included DIY links and Volt Drop calculator

June 14th 2549 -- Modified to include the 'Technical Stuff' section

May 14th 2549 -- Added 'HELP My rented house has only 2 pin outlets' page

May 12th 2549 -- Amended grounding information.

May 9th 2549 -- Update to include Split Service Consumer Unit

May 1st 2549 -- Initial Site layout and information.